Effective communication activity for Erasmus team

Read all instructions carefully. You can do them physically
or just visualize individual stages. Then answer the questions.
1. Read the instructions carefully.
2. Take hold of your left ear.
3. Take hold of your right ear.
4. Grasp your right foot with your left hand.
5. Grasp your right foot with your right hand.
6. Sit on the floor.
7. Stand up and do 5 squats.
8. Sit down on the floor again and start yawning. You can yawn up to 5 times.
9. Stand up and look around.
10. Sit down, then get up and walk to the window. Look through them.
11. Stand up and then lie on the floor.
12. Lying on the floor, make five forward slopes.
13. Now turn over and lie down for a while for 2 minutes.
14. Stand up from the floor and return to the position in which you started doing this exercise.
15. Only execute instructions 1 and 2 and smile.
A)What did you learn about yourself from this exercise?
B) Is there anything you would do differently now?
C) What are your conclusions?

The Gordian Knot activity-creating an Erasmus team-a short video

Instructions 1. Survey participants for issues with backs, knees, injury or other condition that prevents them contorting. 2. Form a circle. 3. Each person extends their right hand and takes the right hand of another person. 4. Reach in with left hand and grab the hand of a third person. 5. Keep holding on—once everyone has both hands occupied, tell people they are not to let go of the hands they are holding until the exercise is finished. 6. Issue the challenge: untie yourselves. As facilitator, observe closely the groups interaction in order to lead a discussion/debrief. Benefits Initiative, problem solving, team building Can help people see: • When you’re in the middle of a problem it’s sometimes difficult to see the solution. • Everybody needs to be a part of the solution. As a team we are interdependent. • Everyone has their own perspective from where they stand. From: http://www.creativeeducationfoundatio…